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Maxx Collectibles
835 Cavalier Drive

Quartermaster Painting Solutions
Quartermaster Painting Solutions aims to provide a wide range of painting services as well as assembly and basing options for all budgets and tastes.
Email: JGreenburgh@hotmail.com
Facebook: Quartermaster Painting Commissions

Raptor Hobbies
Raptor Hobbies aims to supply for the scale modeller (master, the enthusiasts and the beginners), the latest variety of plastic kits, aftermarket products and finishing modeling accessories.
Our mission is to provide the best products for the scale modeler and keep customers informed of new techniques and new releases.
Contact number: 204.590.8115
Name: Luis Picalua
Web: www.RaptorHobbies.com

Cold Table Painting
Cold Painting Table is a commission painting service dedicated to providing excellent tabletop to high quality gaming pieces to our clientele. We work with any game system, from cornerstone companies like Games Workshop or Corvus Belli, to new and upcoming companies like Soda Pop Miniatures and Wyrd Miniatures. Once a project is selected, we work with you to find a cohesive colour scheme and work to the quality that you choose.

Phone: 2048067852
Email: Havok100@gmail.com

Warehouse Hobbies, 265 Rouge Road, Winnipeg, MB, 204.837.7887

The Manitoba Model Soldier Society
The 17 Wing Strategy Club

On Call Solutions