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The Maxximus Hobby Experience 2020 – Are You Experienced?

Enter a fantasy world you won’t want to leave.

Maxx Collectibles is proud to announce the return of 2020 The Maxximus Hobby Experience! Maxximus will have historical, fantasy and sci-fi displays miniature gaming. Come and witness battles on a far away planet with Warhammer or time travel back to the 1940 and watch the historic fight of good verse evil with historically accurate miniatures.

So take a break from another boring Winnipeg winter and get involved! Not only can you battle it out in various gaming system but you can attend workshops, painting seminars and watch demonstrations of the games being played. Looking to keep the kids busy during the the time of year in Winnipeg where we can get all four seasons in a 24 hour period? We can accommodate groups up to 5 youths!

We are located at the Royal Canadian Legion #4 Branch at 1755 Portage Ave. Doors open Friday March 20, Doors open at 5:30 Activities start at 6pm. Saturday and Sunday Doors open at 8:30am and activities start at 9am. Cost is only $10 for a day pass or $20 for the Weekend.

Included with your entry is a choice of working on free models that can be used in Hobby Row or list the over 30ft of paint stations in the Build n’ Paint Workshops over the weekend.

All Paints and Models are graciously supplied by our manufacturers so we can teach our hobby to new group of future modelers and providing the community with a Hobby Table To Game Table Experience they won’t soon forget.

Come and witness a visually pleasing hobby show where all miniatures are used to play games at The Maxximus Hobby Experience 2020.

Some of the games being held at The Maxximus Hobby Experience 2020 are manufacturer supported events. So please, no recasts, foreign Knock offs, third party miniatures or digital/printed copies of official rule books.

Please contact us for more information.

The Maxximus Hobby Experience Mission Statement

  • We showcase the hobby of miniature building, painting and gaming.
  • We promote creativity, using ones imagination, community spirit and sportsmanship.
  • We are working to bring every part of the cities hobby community together under one roof.
  • We want to invite consumers to purchase locally by showcasing local stores & clubs.
  • We are looking to introduce the public to activities from every part of the miniature hobby.
  • We offer a hands on introduction to the hobby of building, painting and gaming with miniatures. This experience is presented by the local businesses and hobby clubs participating in the show.
  • We provide attendees an opportunity to test run every part of the miniature hobby before deciding which one is right for them.
  • We provide the existing hobby community, clubs & local businesses with a chance to come together and expand the opportunities for fun and enjoyment of the hobby.