The Maxximus Hobby Experience 2020

Build – Paint – Play
March 20-22, 2020, #4 Legion Hall, 1755 Portage Ave, Wpg, MB

Dear Hobbyists,

Due to the recent concerns surrounding COVID-19 we have made the proactive decision to postpone the 2020 Maxximus Hobby Experience. Due to the recommendations of our governments and health authorities we feel this is the right decision to make at this time. We want to assure you that we are very excited for this year’s event and we will be looking to re-schedule for a later date when this pandemic has been fully contained and gatherings are no longer a concern for public health. In the meantime, keep building, painting, and most importantly, keep you and your families safe. We hope to see you soon.

Winnipeg’s Model Hobby Show returns in 2020. You can Prep your models early, we are planning for 2018 to be an even bigger Build Paint & Play Event. We are looking forward to seeing everyone out again at the next event.

Check the Activities Page for a rundown of the events from The Maxximus Hobby Experience 2020. Visit The Photo Gallery for some images from the 2017-2018 shows.

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Featuring Historical, Fantasy and Sci-fi Dioramas, displays, and Tabletop Miniature Hobby Gaming. Our show also features Model building Workshops, Painting Seminars and gaming all weekend long. The Legion Hall also have a is a Fully Licensed Restaurant located on the premises.
Everyone who comes to the show has a choice of free models that can be used in Hobby Row where we have over 30ft of Paint Stations for the Build n’ Paint Workshops over the weekend, with professionals on hand from The IPMS to answer your questions. The Best way to describe it…Build it, Paint it, Play It, & Take it home when you’re done. Providing the community and future mode
lers with a Hobby Table To Game Table Experience they won’t soon forget.

The IPMS Is hosting our Modelling “Make n’ Paint n’ Take” Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Unfamiliar with the concept? It’s simple, aimed at new those new to models and hobbies, you show up for the seminar and get your 1:72 scale model. A member of the IPMS will be on hand to show you all the basic model building techniques, from clipping your bits off the Sprue, filing, mouldline removal, and finally gluing. From there you take Your built model to the next class where you will learn all the basics of prepping and painting your model, and I keep saying Your model because once you’ve built model, and painting your model, you get to take you model home with you. All models, tools and paints provided by the sponsors of The Maxximus Hobby Experience.

The Gamer’s Buffet will be returning Better than Ever.  Best described as Speed Dating for Gamer’s and Game Systems. Participants will play through demos of of games such as, Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Flames of War, Battletech or Dungeons and Dragons. After they finish their demo they move over the next table and run through another demo.

All Paints and Models are graciously supplied by our manufacturers so we can teach our hobby to new group of future modelers. Providing the community with a Hobby Table To Game Table Experience they won’t soon forget.

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From the Organizers…we are attempting to have visually pleasing hobby show. Therefore ALL miniatures used to play games at The Maxximus Hobby Experience are required to be fully assembled and painted to a table top quality.

Some of the events being held at The Maxximus Hobby Experience are supported by our manufacturers (Games Workshop/Warlord Games). These Manufacturers graciously provide the paint, the demonstration models and Prize support for us to continue to run one of the most unique experiences in the city.

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Check the Activities Page for a rundown of the events.

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