Maxximus 2020 once again kicks off with the classic “Friday Night Beer & Minis”. Back by popular demand, the evening will be highlighted by a 40KEGGER event featuring 1000 point games of Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. Whaaaaaat? Did we say Age of Sigmar? Damn rights we did. Bring a 1000 point army for both system if you wish and play games of each. This new format will merge both games into a single event like you’ve never seen before. As always, remember that the 40KEGGER is a social event, so please bring armies that are more focussed on fun and having a great time. Help us kick off the 2020 Maxximus Hobby Experience in style and come join us for a beer and a few good laughs.

“Friday Night Beer & Minis”

The Maxximus Hobby Experience is almost here! Get your Models Painted because this year’s Show will be better than ever. The event is being held at the #4 Legion Hall, 1755 Portage Ave. March 20, 21, 22, 2020.

Here is the Preliminary Gaming Schedule for the The Maxximus Hobby Experience…Subject to Change.

AMPed – All Models Provided, all you have to bring is your enthusiasm!

ByoM – Bring Your Own Models, all models are required to be painted to a 3 colour table ready minimum.

Slot 1: Friday 6pm – Midnight. Friday Night Beer ‘n Minis…
6pm To Midnight. Due to the Alcohol Theme of the evening, The TRC asks Please, No Minors on Friday.

The 40kegger… 1000pt 40k (ByoM)
Blood red skies (AMPed)
Necromunda (AMPed & ByoM)
Infinity N3 Recon+
Zombicide Black Plague, AMPed

Slot 2 – Saturday doors open at 8:30, 9am-12 Noon

Hobby Row will be operating all day long, all the favourites return including The Make ‘n Takes & The Paint ‘n Takes with the help of The IPMS

Saturday 9:30-Noon Quartermaster Painting Solutions will be hosting a seminar on advance Painting Techniques.

– Infinity N3 Recon+, ByoM, 9-5pm
– Age of Sigmar Tournament 9-5pm, ByoM
– Civil War in 28mm, AMPed, All Weekend
– Flames of War, ByoM, 9-5pm
– Blood Red Skies, AMPed, 9-5pm
– Star Wars Legion, AMPed 9-5pm
– BattleTech Solaris 7, ByoM 9-5pm
– Rush & Bash (ages 8+) AMPed 9-12

Slot 3: Saturday 1-5pm

The Gamers Buffet!
A selection of Demonstration Games from 1pm-5pm. This year the Gamer’s Buffet features; Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40k Kill Team, Infinity, Age of Sigmar, & Star Wars Legion (more to come)

Slot 4 Saturday 7-12 Midnight

– Bolt Action, ByoM
– Kill Team, ByoM
-Warhammer Underworlds, ByoM
-Zombicide Black Plague, AMPed
-Star Wars Legion, AMPed
-Gates of Antaries, ByoM
-Flames of War/Team Yankee, ByoM, AMPed

Slot 5 Sunday 9-12 Noon
Slot 6 Sunday 1-5pm

Hobby Row will be operating all day long, all the favourites return including The Make ‘n Takes & The Paint ‘n Takes with the help of The IPMS

– **NEW** Adeptus Ticanicus, 9-12, ByoM, AMPed

– Dungeons & Dragons 9-12 Campaign, AMPed
– Civil war Continues 9-12, AMPed
– Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Mega Battle (Army builds Up to 2k), ByoM

– Cruel Seas 9-5pm AMPed
– Flames of War 9-5pm ByoM, AMPed
– Blood bowl 9-5pm , ByoM
– Star Wars Legion, AMPed 9-5pm

– Kill Team 1-5pm , ByoM
– Robo Rally, 1-5pm, AMPed,
– Gaslands Arena 1-5pm, AMPed
– Zombicide Black Plague 1-5pm AMPed
– Dungeons & Dragons 1-5, Campaign, AMPed

Pre-registration Now available.